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mac os x terminal shows wrong computer name
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mac os x terminal shows wrong computer name



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OS X computer name not matching what shows on terminal. Removing the hostname (by setting it to the empty string as you suggested: sudo scutil --set HostName '' ) again allows OS X to map the computer name to its IP address (e.g., Mac terminal shows 'null' for host name at the prompt. 15.
Why is my host name wrong at the Terminal prompt when connected to a public WiFi network? [duplicate] Ask Question 72. 34. This question already has an answer here: OS X computer name not matching what shows on terminal 10 answers For three days straight, I have connected to the public WiFi network at my local library. How to change
Mac Agent shows incorrect Computer Name (machine id) after checking in. You have used agent package to set it to be a different name but once the agent checks in the machine name is not what you have configured it to be. Cause: The hostname in system preference>sharing>computer name is different than the one in terminal.
Set Individual Computer Name in Mac OS X with scutil. ComputerName is the so-called “user-friendly” computer name for a Mac, it’s what will show up on the Mac itself and what will be visible to others when connecting to it over a local network. This is also what’s visible under the Sharing preference panel.
I'm new to Mac. I would like to rename the computer name/root title that shows up when I open the terminal. Usually it's like computername:~ xxx$ Any and all help is appreciated! Why is the name of my computer wrong in terminal? 2. How do I become root on Mac OS X? 2. Tilde (~) in Mac OSX terminal pathway
I figured out that the NetBIOSName changed back to the earlier value after reboot or after checking the new name in the network prefPane. Mac OS store the network settings in an even more complex manner. Unfortunately it's not so trivial to change this value in a terminal as it seems in my first posting. Set NetBios name to Computer
How to Change Your Computer Name on Mac OS X. Just open up System Preferences, go to Sharing, and change the computer name. Done! You can also change it from the Terminal using this command, though obviously it’s much simpler to just change it under Sharing. He’s been running the show since creating the site back in 2006. Over the
This tutorial will show how to change your Mac hostname with the command line and make the setting change permanent (well, permanent until you change it again):. How to Change Host Name on Mac from the Command Line. To get started, launch the Terminal application in Mac OS and then use the following command syntax:
In Linux, using a Bash Terminal, I can do: hostname -d to display the name of the DNS domain, and ; hostname -i to display the network address(es) of the hostname . How can I retrieve the same information--preferably using a single command (with option, if needed), and without having to elevate privileges--from a Bash terminal in Mac OS X?
OS X tries a number of things to find its "hostname". Unfortunately I don't know the exact list (and order), but I think what's happening here is that it's discovering a DNS name associated with its IP address, and using that instead of the Bonjour name it's advertising for itself (the one defined in Sharing preferences).

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